Our Services

Lakeland Consulting Inc. has extensive experience, embodying lessons from providing Fairness Services, Contract Management, Claims Management, and Expert Services into Business Improvement This  has established Lakeland as the pre-eminent Canadian-based provider of Commercial Management Expertise. Our experience and achievements enable us to Knowledge Share in an impactful manner.

Business Improvement

Lakeland Consulting Inc. has assisted clients by applying its subject matter expertise in Commercial Management to assess and implement industry guidelines and best practices, thereby aiding our clients in achieving knowledge transfer through training, development of project teams and achieving measurable improvements.

Fairness Services

Over the last decade, public procurement has become very complicated. For example, the complex nature of large IT procurements, the innovative procurement models being applied to capital construction projects, the trend of establishing longer term supply and service agreements, and the increasing pressure on purchasing staff to meet rising standards associated with process, integrity, fairness, and transparency.

Contract Management

Lakeland Consulting Inc. has extensive experience in providing services through all project phases from pre-contract to close-out. Our practical knowledge of various procurement routes put Lakeland in a position to actively deliver effective approaches to successful project delivery.

Claims Management

Lakeland Consulting Inc. has extensive experience in Claims Management across challenging, wide ranging mandates. These mandates enable Lakeland to adopt a structured approach to the review and resolution of disputes recognizing that these can arise at various project stages.

Expert Services

Construction disputes are often complicated and require an independent technical expert who can understand complex claim situations and present credible opinions simply and effectively. Lakeland Consulting has extensive experience preparing clear, concise and well-structured expert reports, and personnel who have testified as expert witness at arbitration and litigation

Knowledge Share

Lakeland's extensive experience in providing commercial management expertise on complex projects enables us to assist our customers by sharing knowledge through our established portals. We also offer webinars and "Lunch & Learn" partner and staffing opportunities to customers with specific learning interests and needs.