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Lakeland Consulting Inc. has experience in providing Commercial Management Services to public and private customers
in a number of Sectors, utilizing differing Procurement Routes and Payment Regimes including the following:
- Environmental
- Infrastructure
- Industrial
- Pharmaceutical
- Mining and Metals
- Energy (Oil and Gas)
- Entertainment (Amusement Rides)
- Power (Wind, Hydroelectric, Nuclear)
Procurement Routes
- Studies/Reports
- Design
- Engineering
- Procurement
- Construction
- Construction Management
- Project Management
- Facilities Management
Payment Regimes
- Time and Materials
- Remeasurement
- Unit Price
- Lump Sum
- Guaranteed Maximum Price
- Target Price
- Pain/Gain Share
- Combination Payment Regimes
Lakeland Consulting Inc. is pleased to extend its experience in working closely with all stakeholders, ranging from owners,
contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, lawyers and other professionals that directly and indirectly impact  the
successful outcome of projects.