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Dispute Resolution
Lakeland  Consulting  Inc.  is pleased to provide the following Dispute Resolution services to customers including: owners,
contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, lawyers and other professionals during the various phases of projects:
a) Claims Submission
    - Review of records and compilation of claims data
    - Analysis of schedule and additional cost
    - Strategy on submission and conclusion of claims
    - Preparation and submission of rationale based claims documents
    - Negotiation and conclusion of contractual claims
b) Claims Defense
    - Review and analysis of received/anticipated claims
    - Strategy on review and conclusion of claims
    - Preparation of defense and counterclaims documentation
    - Requests for further particulars and claim validation
    - Negotiation and conclusion of contractual claims
Lakeland  Consulting  Inc.  is  also  pleased  to  provide other  Dispute  Resolution
support   services   to  Lawyers  such  that  any  dialogue,  negotiation,  mediation,
adjudication, arbitration or litigation resulting from contractual claims is adequately
and appropriately supported.
Sample of Recent Assignments
- Preparation of Contractual Claims (Contractor)
- Defense of Contractual Claims (Owner)
- Preparation of Contractual Claims (Subcontractor)
- Defense of Liquidated Damages Assessment (Subcontractor)
- Support of Dispute Mediation (Owner and Legal Counsel)
- Schedule Review and Analysis (Developer)
Customer Testimonial
The nature of our work often
leads to areas of difference
between the parties to any
given contractual arrangement.
Such differences need effective
policies and pro-active
approaches that review, assess
and deal effectively with all
such differences and
disagreements such that work
is not negatively impacted.
Lakeland has successfully
assisted us in these areas as
we have sought to align
business and operational
priorities and interacted with
advisors such as lawyers and
other third party advisors.
Manager of Disputes,
Major Power Company,