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Commercial Management
Commercial Management is the structured evaluation and control of risk across all business activities with particular focus on
key phases of projects from commencement, execution through to completion. Lakeland Consulting Inc. is pleased to provide
Commercial Management services, including:
a) Pre-Contract ("Commencement") Phase. The Services during this phase include:
- Collaborative arrangements, including Memorandum of Understanding (MOU),
  teaming, alliances,  joint ventures & consortiums
- Supply chain management, including contract forms and agreements, RFQ’s,
  RFP’s, evaluation  and recommendations
- Risk management, including risk identification, assessment, planning, monitoring
  and management
b) Contract (“Execution”) Phase. The Services during this phase include:
- Cost control, revenue management and management reporting
- Commercial audits to review internal controls systems and processes
- Contract administration, including trend/change order management and contractual
c) Post-Contract (“Completion”) Phase. The Services during this phase include:
- Project close out activities including supply chain final accounts
- Final account preparation, billing and entitlement submissions
- Negotiation and conclusion of final payments and accounts
Sample of Recent Assignments
- Drafting of Policies, Strategies, Plans and Procedures (Contractor)
- Payment Review Processes and Certification (Owner)
- Contractual Correspondence/Notices (Developer)
- Drafting of Standard Contract Documents (Contractor)
- Process Flow and Business Improvement Initiatives (Developer)
Customer Testimonial
Lakeland has assisted us as
we have sought to establish
commercial procedures,
controls and processes on
major projects that the
company is pursuing and those
that we have successfully
secured across Canada. The
areas of input have been in the
governance, pre-contract and
the delivery phases of our
projects. We have found
Lakeland to be responsive to
our needs as we have sought
to establish the internationally
recognized ethos of
Commercial Management – an
area that Lakeland is familiar
Senior VP of Commercial &
Major Infrastructure Company,
Canada and International