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Staff Augmentation
Lakeland  Consulting  Inc.  assists  customers  in  ensuring  that they have the appropriate resources to deal with day to day
issues and project delivery challenges, thereby developing core competencies that lead to project outcomes being positively
impacted due to a sustainable approach.
In addition to the provision of services under a traditional services delivery  model, our
Staff Augmentation program allows us to second personnel to serve specific customer
needs  or  source  appropriate  personnel  (for  direct  hire by our customers) from our
pool of international contacts.
Lakeland Consulting Inc. is a recognized supporter of renowned professional bodies
that are committed  to enhancing  sustainable  training  and  continuing professional
development.  We develop  solid training  programs  aimed at  increasing  the depth
strength of project delivery teams.
Sample of Recent Assignments
- Commercial Staffing Needs Analysis (Owner)
- Commercial Management Job Descriptions/Competencies (Contractor)
- Commercial Staff Training and Developlment (Owner)
- Sourcing of Key Commercial Staff (Contractor)
- Support of RFQ/RFP Submissions (Contractor)
Customer Testimonial
The effective management of
engineering and construction
projects is key to our
international clients. Lakeland
has been able to make
available quality resources that
are experienced in the various
facets of Commercial
Management. We have worked
closely with Lakeland to carry
out needs analysis, source,
propose and secure key
resources to the satisfaction of
our clients in a market where
clients increasingly seek solid,
professionally qualified
President & Founder,
Key Staffing Solutions Company,
Europe and North America