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About Us
Lakeland  Consulting  Inc.  is  a  professional  services  provider  to  the  engineering and construction industries.  The company
provides Commercial Management services to  customers including: owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants,
lawyers and other professionals.
Our   services   delivery   model   extends  through  the  life  of  engineering  and construction  projects  from  initial  inception  to 
completion.   Based   on  our  Experience,  we  assist  our  customers  to  identify  and  manage uncertainty in order to maximize
opportunity, minimize threats and deliver sustainable value.
Project  delivery  is  becoming  more challenging and our international experience in Dispute Resolution has provided us with the
foresight to understand issues and be  an integral part of a “hands on” solution led strategy that assists our customers to achieve
key business solutions in increasingly challenging markets.
Our  Staff Augmentation  program  is  intended  to  stregthen customer delivery teams by using our expertise on the international
engineering and construction arena to secure and engage accomplished results oriented professionals.  Further, we provide our
customers with alternative cost effective outsourcing solutions.